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About Juliet

I am a Chartered Surveyor in the Ledbury area within the county of Herefordshire and have over 30 years of experience in the residential sector. I carry out all the RICS pre-purchase surveys and have a passion for period vernacular property, having completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Building Conservation at Cardiff University.

I have a sound local working knowledge of all types of residential property within Herefordshire and in an area including, the Malvern Hills, The Marches, The Cotswolds, as well as Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Estate Management

RICS HomeBuyer Report

The most popular type of report because it is a service suitable for more straightforward conventional properties dating from late Victorian times to the modern homes of today. It includes comments on all visible sections of the property including condition ratings to elements of the building using a traffic light system to flag if: serious/urgent repairs are needed, whether investigations are advised or if, components can be readily cared for under normal maintenance. Advice given in respect of the value of the property and the reinstatement cost for insurance purposes is generally included.


RICS Condition Report

The lowest priced survey report and designed for buyers seeking a brief overview of the general condition of the property. It is aimed at conventional properties and new homes and will indicate the condition of each element of the property, offer guidance to legal advisors and highlights defects in need of urgent attention. It does not include a valuation or reinstatement figure for insurance purposes. Please ‘Contact Me’ or telephone 01531 660858 to discuss your requirements in detail.

Property Refurbishment

RICS Building Survey

The most detailed type of report available and is suitable for all properties but is essential for large, older or neglected buildings or if you are planning major works. The report will include full details of all visible elements of the building, information regarding the method of construction and items of disrepair and defects with advice about key future repairs. If requested the report may include a market valuation and a reinstatement cost for insurance purposes and if this is required a discussion with me at the time of instructing is recommended.



Property refurbishment is the chance to change and improve a property that you already own or a property that you are thinking of purchasing. This can be extending the property to a larger footprint, changing the purpose of the building, or refreshing an outdated look.

Land & Property

Listed Buildings and Conservation Advice

I have a particular interest in building conservation and the sympathetic restoration and planning in respect of listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. If this is something you are intending or proceeding with then please ring to discuss.


Re-instatement Cost & Valuation Advice for Insurance Purposes

I am experienced in providing re-instatement advice for residential property. In addition to BCIS computer aided formulae I have a good working knowledge of property construction types to ensure that re-instatement cost advice is a fair reflection of true costs without providing an unrealistic over insured margin of error.

Land & Property

Help to Buy Repayment Valuations

I am experienced in carrying out valuations for Help to Buy redemption purposes, with all reports meeting the requirement of Target HCA. For any further information or to obtain a valuation fee and availability for valuing your property please ‘contact me’



Redevelopment specifically refers to the real estate development process as applied to a site that has already been improved and built upon. In principal, real estate redevelopment excludes raw land, although in practice replacement may involve scraping a property down to nothing.

Land Surveys

Land Surveys

Land surveying is a process for determining distances and angles between points on land. Land surveyors use traditional instruments and digital technology, to produce surveys, data and maps describing the Earth’s surface features. This is essential for civil engineering and construction projects.

Building Surveys

Charities Act 2011

Section 119 of the Charities Act 2011 requires that Trustees of English and Welsh Charities who wish to dispose of land or property should obtain a written report from a qualified surveyor.

Condition Surveys

Boundary Disputes

Issues surrounding the postioning of where a boundary lies and who is responsible for a boundary fence or wall is a prime cause for disputes between neighbours which can escalate to the point that it mars the enjoyment of the ownership of your home.

Land & Property

Party Wall Act

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 codifies the rights and responsibilities of owners and occupiers each side of the dividing wall. Development rights not requiring Planning Consent do not avoid the provisions of the Party Wall Act and likewise obtaining Planning Consent or Building Regulation Approval does not negate the requirements of the Act.



Almshouses are independent local charitable trusts that provide affordable housing for older people in need. Most are for older people living in a specific geographical area or connected with a particular trade, that are administored by voluntary Trustees.

Firms that are Regulated by RICS commit to the highest professional and ethical standards. In the rare cases where disciplinary action has been taken against a firm, records are published online. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact RICS Regulation at regulation@rics.org. Alternatively, if you wish to make a complaint, please contact complaints@rics.org.

Need some help?

Feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you would like any advice.
t: 01531 660858 m: 07790 335518

Surveying Services

offering sound local working knowledge covering Herefordshire and beyond including The Malvern Hills, The Marches, The Cotswolds as well as Cheltenham and Gloucester.